Welcome to Footprint Arts.

Footprint Arts workshops were designed to encourage respect for our world and “green habits” with children, adults and young people.  We’ve worked in schools, with local authorities, wildlife trusts and environment organisations.

Karen Whiterod is making a “Nest of Hope” for the Waveney Valley Sculpture Trail (www.waveneyvalleysculpturetrail.com) in August. Working with others, who share her concerns that human activity is causing the climate to change 170 times faster than would be the case with natural forces.

In workshops in King's Lynn and Norwich, Karen will share techniques to form words from copper wire taken from discarded power cables and communication cables. These “sticks” of words expressing a need for action and hope will be woven together to form a large nest.  World Eggs, to be placed in the nest, will be made in a workshop for young people with ceramic artist, Georgina Warne (www.georginawarne.co.uk), local clay will be used.

Nest of Hope workshops flier